Accepted ID's for your notarization

  You are required to prove your name on the document thru an accepted photo ID. 

The name listed on your document must be equal or less than what is listed on your ID. 

One of the following current, unexpired ID's can be used for your notarization:

   Any State issued Driver License

   Canadian or Mexican Driver License
  State issued ID card
  State issued Senior Citizen ID card

   Passport  (must be stamped by INS)
  Military ID
  California Inmate ID Card 

All of the ID cards listed above must be current and must show all ID information:  

   ID number

    name and photo

    issue date

    expiration date

   date of birth


No ID? *

*If you don't have any current ID from the list of acceptable IDs, you are allowed to use 2 Credible witnesses.

Each credible witness must:

  •  Are 18 years or older 
  • provide a current ID from the list above
  • Personally know the signer for at least 6 months
  •  Are not related
  • Can not be listed in the document.
  • Must be impartial and have nothing to gain or loose by the document being signed.  
  • Must speak a common language with the notary

The credible witnesses are there only to swear to the identity of the signer.  They have no legal liability for the document or for the signer signing the document.