Notarization for the Elderly

Special Needs Appointment


When your loved one resides in a nursing facility, an assisted living facility, a hospital  or their home, you will need to  allow extra time to complete their appointment.

I extremely patient and relaxed with the signer.  I want both the signer and you to be comfortable with me. 

I never want the signer to  feel  rushed, stressed or pressured during our time together.  

My goal is to give my signers the same respect and patience as I would want given my own parents.


Before Your Scheduled Appointment



Make sure the signer is aware of  our scheduled Notary appointment.  

Make sure that the signer had a current approved ID card or 2 credible witnesses at the signing (refer to the ID Requirement page)

The name listed on the document must be equal or less than what is proven on their ID being used for the signing.

Make sure that you have all documents completed, correct and ready for signing.  

Do not have the signer sign any documents before our notary  appointment. 

Make sure to go over the documents with the signer before our appointment.  

The signer must fully awake, cognoscente, must understand the document(s) being signed

Is willing to signing the document(s)

If for any reason the signer is not up to signing or doesn't want to sign, please call me  at least 1/2 hour before the signing.  If I travel to your location and the notarization can't be completed, you are still responsible for the travel fee. 

Thank you for helping to make this a smooth, stress free appointment for you and for your loved one.

Marla Christiansen, Notary Public